Required supporting documents – Procedures for the ceremonies

Pachoumis Funeral Home in Thessaloniki takes care of all types of funeral ceremonies, e.g funeral and memorial ceremonies.

Please find below the procedures that should be followed:

Procedures – Steps for the Families after the ceremony

1) We interrupt retirement and medical treatment and transfer the retirement, if applied.

2) We update the family section in the respective municipal register, by submitting death certificate and requesting the issue of 2-3 copies
   a) Family status certificate
   b) Certificate of Next of Kin

3) We interrupt the Tax Identification Number [VAT Nr] by the Tax Office by submitting
   a) Death certificate
   b) Certificate of Next of Kin and
   c) For certain Tax Offices, we request certificate of will publication or no publication

4) We fill in duly the tax return for the time he/she was alive (either first or second registered member) and notice the word death on the frame of eventual changes for the following year, by submitting death certificate.

5) Please be informed that: The first three months since the date of death, we are entitled by the law to proceed to acceptance or renunciation of the inheritance, provided we are subject to this procedure. Three months later, we ONLY have the right to accept, therefore the above required certificates may be issued by the lawyer or notary public of your preference, in order to avoid further inconvenience.

We remain at your disposal for any supplementary clarification.

Required - Necessary supporting documents for the collection of the ceremony expenses by the insurance fund

  • Invoice – Receipt for rendering of services by funeral home business
  • 2 Death certificates
  • Health booklet of the deceased
  • Retirement collection Booklet – Card of the deceased
  • Three-month/annual Retirement Report
  • Identity card by the beneficiary of collection

Required – Necessary supporting documents for retirement transfer by an insurance fund

  • 2 Death certificates
  • Family status certificate
  • New deposit account of the retired
  • Identity card by the beneficiary
  • Documents demonstrating the following
    a) Tax Identification Number [VAT Nr]
    b) Tax Office
    c) Social Security Number by the retirement beneficiary

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